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Report – Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0 – Includes Top Ten Tips

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Check out David Wyld’s deep exploration of blogging in U.S. government (or the potential of it based on initial experiences).
Everyone likes a top ten tips list, so here is David’s:
10 Tips for Blogging by Public Sector Executives
Tip 1: Define yourself and your purpose.
Tip 2: Do it yourself!
Tip 3: Make a time commitment.
Tip 4: Be regular.
Tip [...]

Survey – Help build a global network for local democracy – E-Democracy.Org’s Strategic Priorities

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

I invite those interested in e-democracy around the world to help shape E-Democracy.Org’s strategic priorities. Who knows, in the next year perhaps a local chapter will be launched in your community?
We’ve launched a survey across our increasingly global network of local forums today. While many of the questions assume you are a forum participant, [...]

EU eParticipation Initiative – 4.7 Million Euros Call for Proposals

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I invite those interested in connecting with others to generate joint bids to introduce their ideas via the DoWire Groups dedicated to online consultation and e-participation:
While only legal entities from the 27 member EU states may apply, there is a significant opportunity for good e-democracy ideas and model to be shared [...]

Webcast – National e-Government Portals

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

National e-Government Portals
The Tip of the Iceberg, or Tools for Citizen-Centric Transformation of Government
Opening Remarks
Philippe Dongier, Sector Manager, CITPO, GICT, World Bank
Mark Forman, Partner, KPMG (Former Administrator, Office of e-Government & IT, USA)
Dave Thompson, Director, Canada On-Line Services, Service Canada
Andrew Ciafardini, Government-to-Citizen e-Government Portfolio Manager, Office of Management and Budget, USA
Oleg Petrov, Coordinator, e-Development [...]

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